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When operating a busy work place, with a lot of departments, a lot of people and even more paperwork, it’s important to keep your space clean and orderly. Organising your office with mobile shelving can improve your work space and simplify routines. Here’s how:

More Organised

Mobile shelving units are designed to maximise small areas of space, while providing plenty of storage for heavy duty folders, books and equipment.

mobile shelving

But as well as having more space, an organised work environment brings many other benefits. Firstly, your team can increase their productivity by spending the time they would spend searching for equipment and files on more important tasks. This can lead to lower stress levels, improve time efficiency and more deadlines being met for smoother operations and a happier team.

Higher Security

Most workplaces will hold responsibility of private and confidential documents, which are to be restricted to authorised employees. Therefore, for employee and client protection, strict security is essential.

But most often when you have a bulk of paper files to keep safe it can be too time consuming to scan them all onto the computer, or perhaps you need to keep the original copies, which is why high security mobile shelving is the answer.

A few security features of mobile shelving include:


Space Effective

On open office plan can push team productivity to another level. Many management teams believe that providing an open space with clear channels of communication can improve work. To quote Steve Jobs, “Ideas don’t happen in the boardroom, they happen in corridors” meaning that being able to have spontaneous micro-meetings in the halls or across your desk, where there are no barriers, can increase productivity greatly.

With mobile shelving systems they can be moved around to suit office needs. Depending on the design you opt for, our Multitrak and Monotrak systems can be compacted together and only opened out when they’re needed to maximise the space in your office and fit into spaces that a lot of traditional shelving can’t. Electronic mobile shelving is also available for easier mobility of heavier units.

Here at Rackline we provide high security, durable mobile shelving systems that can maximise the space in your work environment, helping to boost employee morale and productivity. Our mobile shelving is designed to last and to carry heavy loads of paperwork and equipment, so there will be no sudden need to replace them.

Browse our extensive range of mobile shelving units or call us on 01782 777 666 for more information.