Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is the perfect way of increasing your storage capacity or reducing your storage footprint.

In fact, by using mobile shelving in comparison to conventional static shelving in a working environment, you can increase your storage capacity by up to 70%. On the other hand, if you wish to reduce your storage footprint by applying mobile storage you can achieving savings of up to 50%.

Mobile Shelving from Rackline

Rackline offer two types of manual mobile shelving systems and two types of powered shelving systems. Please click on the links below to view our products or scroll down to read more about each system:

Monotrak Mobile Shelving – which is a unique system that can be installed directly onto your existing floor without the need for an infill floor or ramp and without trip hazards in the aisles. It is prefer in a retail, healthcare and office environment.

Multitrak Mobile shelving – is designed to take longer bases and greater loads making it perfect for archives, libraries and museums and areas where longer mobiles maximise the space.

Powered Shelving – there are two options for electronic shelving – Quantum and Powertrak which can provide anything from a basic low-cost system to a highly sophisticated system and many alternatives in between.

All of our mobile systems will accommodate shelving from our range as well as your existing shelving and cabinets.

The options for mobile storage are endless and can depend on the material being stored, the area it is going into and the picking rates required. Rackline’s experienced team will offer you the right solution with a free no obligation site survey, space plan and quotation.

Mobile shelving is also known as roller racking, rolling storage, mobile racking – to find out more please read our ultimate guide to mobile shelving.

Mobile Storage Services

We also offer a number of other mobile storage services including:

Mobile Storage & Racking Relocation

Mobile Racking Maintenance & Service

Benefits of High Density Storage

Mobile Storage Solutions

High Density Storage


Mobile High Density Storage
High density motorised storage lets your store more in less space. shelve and storage units move along a track to compress or form access where required. Motors take the strain and make retrieval quick and simple.



Rackline are experts in mobile storage. We can maintain and service most of the major shelving and mobile manufacturers systems.


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Focus on Powertrak

Powertrak has all the sophisticated programmable logic controls you would expect from the latest hi-tech, high density storage system. Ideal for fitting the maximum storage space into the smallest area, Powertrak mobile storage still provides easy and quick access for retrieval. Extras such as automatic lighting, a link to the fire alarm and security system make this the ideal office storage system.

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