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For any growing business, high density storage systems are essential, however, in many cases, storage space is limited. At Rackline, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke storage systems that allow for high-density storage capacity, whilst taking up as little floor space as possible.

rotary storage units

An extremely popular storage system in the emergency services sector and other sectors with high-density storage needs, is the Pirouette rotary storage system. Here are some of the key benefits of rotary storage units.

Double sided

Pirouette rotary storage units are double sided cabinets and as a result, double the shelf space is provided. Fitted on a heavy-duty rotary base, a rotary storage unit can be unlocked and rotated 90 degrees to reveal the first shelf face and again to reveal the second shelf face.

Space saving efficiency

By providing two shelf faces, a Pirouette storage unit doubles the storage capacity and saves a considerable amount of floor space. Compared with a standard four-drawer cabinet, a Pirouette rotary cabinet saves floor space on a ratio of 12:1 – Whilst 22 four-drawer cabinets hold 44 metres of filing in 12.4 square meters of floor space, just four 8 tier Pirouette units hold 48 meters worth of filing in less than 4 square metres floor space. As a result, rotary storage units are much more efficient in terms of use of space.


The design of the Pirouette rotary storage unit means that it is highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of heights and the ability to add extension bays at either side of the initially installed bays. Rotary units can be designed to suit specific filing requirements.

Fast assembly and disassembly

For most businesses, disruption must be taken into account for most installations, including storage solutions. Lengthy assembly can lead to disruption of the day to day running of a business or can even result in down time. Rotary storage cabinets, however, can be assembled in less than an hour, creating very little disruption.

Should there be a need to disassemble and relocate a storage unit, our storage specialists can do this in very little time without disruption.

Rotary storage allows for fast retrieval

Fast retrieval and ease of use is key to any successful storage system. The design of a Pirouette rotary filing system allows for files to be found quickly and efficiently, despite the high-density storage capacity. The easy rotation and smooth movement of shelf faces means that all shelves can be accessed without the operator moving their feet.

To talk to Rackline about rotary storage units such as the Pirouette storage system, contact our team today by calling 01782 770144.