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Pirouette is a high density and fast retrieval rotary filing system with double sided cabinets mounted on a heavy duty rotary base.

A 90 degree turn provides access to either shelf face without the operator moving from the spot.

Pirouette is more efficient than conventional filing cabinets both in storage capacity and floor space saving of a ratio 12:1. For example, 22 four-drawer cabinets hold 44m of filing in 12.4 sq.m. of floor space, whereas four 8 tier Pirouette storage units hold 48m of filing in less than 4 sq. m. of floor space.

Pirouettes are extremely flexible with a wide range of heights, due the unique design, extension bays can be added on either side of the initial bays. They can also be assembled in less than an hour and can be easily removed and re-positioned without disruption. These units are suitable for Lloyd George Box storage.

Similar products we manufacture include ‘The Spin’ and also the Secure Pirouette.