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At Rackline we offer a wide range of mobile shelving solutions suitable for offices of any size. Here we list some of the key reasons that mobile shelving will be a great fit for your workplace:


The beauty of mobile shelving is that it is genuinely mobile and can be moved and re-installed in pretty much any part of your office space, without being damaged or becoming unsteady. This means that when inevitable changes in your working environment occur, storage can be adapted accordingly.

Partitioning your workplace

Many of our clients, especially those who operate from open-plan offices, have successfully used mobile shelving units to create partitions within their workplace. This is helpful in creating designated areas for different teams or departments such as telephony, and can provide a useful acoustic barrier.

Easily increase capacity

Because mobile shelving is highly adaptable it makes it very easy to add storage space when your business requires it. Adding new units is a quick and easy installation process that allows existing mobile storage space to be increased and/or adapted according to the needs of your business.


It’s not uncommon for businesses to change premises at least once, usually due to expansion or relocation. If your office is moving to a new building, you can feel safe in the knowledge that mobile shelving units from Rackline can be packed, transported and re-assembled at your new premises.

Space saving

Rackline offer High Density storage options designed to save floor space in workplaces by providing compact and efficient shelving options. Because our systems are mobile (on wheels) they can be operated without space consuming elements such as access aisles, offering a workable solution that doesn’t compromise on storage volume.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of mobile shelving offered by Rackline, including Monotrak, Multitrack and electronic systems, please follow this link.