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It’s nearly the end of the academic year, when teachers and lecturers around the country frantically try to get their classrooms in order before the next influx of students.

But with an ever-increasing mountain of paperwork and exercise books, many teachers ask themselves, ‘where can it all go’?

On top of that, shrinking education budgets, increasing pupil numbers and rising construction costs often mean that education providers find themselves in a storage conundrum.

In steps Rackline – specialising in high density, bespoke or ready-made storage solutions for the education sector. Our range of expertly designed products enable teachers to work efficiently, while making the learning environment tidier and less distracting for pupils.

One of the storage units that is of most benefit to teachers and lecturers alike, is the rotary storage unit. Rackline’s pirouette rotary storage units offer a much higher than average space saving ratio of 12:1 – essential for places like the classroom when space is limited.  Featuring double sided cabinets and extensive rotation ability, teachers can access either shelf face without even moving, meaning less running around to find what they need.

pirouette rotary storage

We have a strong track record working with the educational sector, and can offer a range of solutions, such as smart wall storage, mobile storage, robotic walls and artwork storage, to name just a few.

Rackline is based in Stoke on Trent but works with businesses far and wide. To see how we can help your company or organisation with its storage needs, call 01782 777 666 or send us an email.