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The New Year has arrived and promises to be an innovative and exciting one for the commercial storage solutions sector, with plenty of fantastic new ideas and products on the market.

Here we look at some of the latest commercial storage systems offered by the team here at Rackline that will bring added efficiency and usability to offices and other commercial premises during 2018.

High Security Cabinets

Security will always be an essential factor for commercial properties, so new products such as our High Security Cabinet Systems are always in development. These systems come equipped with a host of high-security features designed to ensure protection against intruders, providing a level of strength and security that has seen our range approved by the UK Government. 

Pirouette Storage Unit

Our Pirouette Storage Unit systems offer a high density, speedy retrieval filing system, with innovative double sided cabinets mounted on a heavy duty rotary base. Highly efficient and taking up far less floor space than conventional cabinets, the Pirouette system operates with a 90 degree turning mechanism that rotates multiple shelf faces without the operator having to move!

Proflex Office Cabinets and Lockers

At Rackline we have always embraced the challenge of solving difficult storage problems, that’s why our technical team decided to design a robust office locker system that should be effective, efficient and economic. The result is Proflex, an elegant range of cabinets and lockers for offices and commercial premises that offer great value and performance.

Robotic walls

If innovation is at the forefront of 2018, the development of moving wall systems is certainly set to be a profound advancement in commercial storage. Our innovative robotic storage solution is designed with flexibility and intelligent working environments in mind – offering high-tech, remote-controlled, movable walls that are capable of concealing shelving and drawers, instantly altering the set-up of a workspace for multiple uses.

To find out more about our fresh and innovative approach to commercial storage, please contact the team at Rackline on 01782 770144.