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There are many different types of filing systems, some of which you may not have considered. Here are just a few:

• Notebook filing
This is the most widely used and available type of filing. They are very easy to use and have no additional furniture requirement, but they cannot store all formats such as material like photo-negatives, photographs etc cannot be stored.

• Horizontal box files
These are files which are bigger than notebook files and hence, provide a lot more space. They easily protect the documents from any dust but the drawback being that they are more expensive and also occupy more space.

• Horizontal filing system
In this system, inexpensive files are used which are then stored on a horizontal shelf. The cost of storage is relatively low.

• Frontal suspension system
The files are placed vertically in the drawer. The files can easily be identified by just opening the drawer, provides a good overview of all files.

• Upright lateral suspension
Files are kept next to each other in a shelf. The files are relatively inexpensive and this does not require special equipment.