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Every office requires storage space, so finding the right solutions to suit the everyday operational needs of your business is an important factor.

Shelving is one of the most popular storage types available for modern offices, offering a robust and easily accessible method of organising and protecting business materials such as paperwork, stationery, supplies and stock.

Here we look at some key considerations to make when choosing an ideal office shelving system and how this can help to improve your workplace.

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If the nature of your business means that stored items such as files and folders need to be quickly and regularly used, accessibility has to be a key consideration. Choosing shelving solutions that are the right size and shape to sit close to work stations is a good start, but also consider how easily staff will be able to use this storage during busy times when more than one person needs access.


It’s important to consider exactly what a shelving system will be used for in your office before committing to a particular shape or size. As an example, shelves used for storing books, files or folders don’t require a lot of depth or weight in order to operate properly, where as shelving used for storing stock will require far greater capacity and will probably require a wall or floor fixing.


Space can be at a premium in some offices, so discovering a shelving solution that not only takes up less room but can also create more floorspace is a real plus. Mobile storage options offer a fantastic way to gain some extra space in your office without forfeiting the storage capacity that your day-to-day operations require.


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Storage options don’t have to be an eyesore in your office and can actually be used to compliment the desired style of your workplace. Shelving systems from Rackline can be customised in a selection of colours and coverings, offering a storage solution that is both attractive and efficient.

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Rackline offer a wide range of shelving options with high-quality systems made to measure, ensuring a bespoke solution for the needs of any business premises.

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