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Following are some distinct advantages of mobile racking system that make it popular.

•    A mobile rack can offer up to five times more storage space than a static shelf.
•    A mobile rack, as the term suggests, can be moved, as and when a need arises while a static shelf cannot be moved without taking it down and putting it back up again elsewhere, taking up valuable time.
•    A mobile system can be fully integrated into a finished product warehouse while a static shelving system always remains a separate entity which can’t be integrated into a single system.
•    Mobile racks occupy only half the space occupied by static shelves, this extra space can than be used for other purposes which can directly generate money or can also be used to store more goods which result in savings.
•    The dimensions of a mobile rack can be changed as and when required, the size of the compartments can be altered as such racks are adjustable. Most static shelves are rigid and hence their dimensions can’t be changed.