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In short, yes they can.

If you’ve watched Grand Designs you’ll have seen the marvellous mobile mechanisms that exist. From pull out bookcases to slide away kitchens, the possibilities that mobile storage systems offer are endless.

The good news is, you don’t have to be working on a huge scale project to reap the benefits of sliding mechanisms. They can also be of use in the domestic environment, or in your home away from home.

Here’s just a few ways that mobile storage technology can improve your home environment:

Mobile storage in the bedroom

Mobile storage systems can also be a fantastic way of storing clothing efficiently and allow you to save valuable floorspace that can be taken up by bulky furniture like wardrobes and chest of drawers. Thanks to being able to pack a lot into a mobile storage unit, they are tidy, cost effective and leave you more room to walk around your bedroom freely. Bulky furniture can leave you feeling squashed like a sardine – making you unable to enjoy your living environment.

Pull out, moveable units

mobile storage for domestic use


Most would agree that it’s tricky to relax in a cluttered environment. So if you have a messy house and it’s bothering you, it leaves two options – the first is to have a clear out, the second is to find a better storage system. That’s where mobile units can come in handy, often hiding things that you don’t necessarily want out one hundred per cent of the time.
An example of this might be a sliding bookshelf or archiving system cleverly hidden behind a wall, which looks far tidier than having lots of books out on display. You may also utilise this technology to have movable cupboards or kitchen units, as illustrated in the images above.

Compartmentalising your home away from home

In a caravan or holiday home, it can be tricky to utilise the space effectively. That’s where mobile systems come into a world of their own. Not only can they be used for additional storage, they can also be used as an electronic separator to change a living space as required.
mobile storage
Whether you want to open up the room for the day, or partition off the space to make two rooms by night, you’re sure to be able to enhance your living space with a mobile wall or storage unit.
At Rackline, we work with clients all over the UK to come up with trendy, useful and space saving storage products. Whether you’re a private homeowner looking for a made to order piece, or an organisation in need of an archiving system, call us today to see how we can help.