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The 18th of May is International Museum Day 2018, an event that celebrates museums across the world and raises awareness about the cultural and developmental importance that museums bring to the communities they serve.

At Rackline we work with a wide variety of museums to provide the display and archiving equipment they need to exhibit and preserve a wide range of artefacts. So, to celebrate International Museum Day, here we list some of the useful storage and shelving options we offer to the sector!

Proform Static Shelving

Our Proform shelving was created with care in mind and is manufactured with no sharp edges or raised seams, so even the oldest and most precious manuscripts and books are protectively cased and safe from damage.

The Proform range was recently adopted by our friends at The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, and is tested to British Standard BS EN 14073-2:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 Quality approved.

Pull-out Picture Racking

Pictured above, Rackline Pull-out Picture Racking is a bespoke product that can be manufactured to suit the dimensions of any exhibition or archiving space. The supporting frame comprises a welded wire mesh that provides up to two square metres of storage space on either side of the panel.

This heavy-duty racking can be used for a wide range of museum displays and is best suited to hanging pictures and paintings as well as heavier canvas-based pieces. Suitable for most display environments, pull-out picture racking is supported by welded steel sections that can be free standing or hung from the ceiling.

Drawing Cabinets

Favoured by historical museums such as our friends at the Wiltshire & Swindon Heritage Centre, Rackline Hanging Map Storage Units allow fragile maps and other artefacts to be displayed vertically in a secure and compact manner.

To help preserve maps and other delicate documents, this system allows them to hang freely within a cased plastic sleeve supported by a curtain rail mechanism that enables them to be exhibited. This system is designed to create far less stress on the document and aids longevity.

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