Conventional Pull-out Picture Racking


Product Description

Rackline Pull-out Picture Racking can be designed and manufactured to fit any storage space, and can be used to store hanging items such as rare paintings or even mounted animal heads.

The Pull-out Picture Racking systems are constructed from fully welded steel sections and can be free standing or ceiling supported, the mesh frame is a welded heavy gauge wire mesh to both faces of the picture racking frame to give maximum m2 storage space to both sides.

As part of the Pull-out Picture Racking range, we also manufacture wire mesh wall panels to provide additional storage capacity to wall faces or to turn ‘dead spaces’ into live space i.e. at the rear of conventional mobile racking systems.

There are two standard types of Pull-out Picture Racking; top supported and bottom supported. Below is a description of each type of Pull-out Picture Racking system and the factors that dictate their suitability.

Top Supported Picture Racking
This is the most common type of Pull-out Picture Racking system.
The pull out mesh panels are supported from above by a steel mainframe which is designed to offer support independently of the room in which it is built. The only structural constraint with this type of picture storage is the point loading for the legs; there must be sufficient structural support in the floor to withstand the loads for each leg.
Floor Supported Picture Racking
This type of Pull-out Picture Racking is recommended when floor point loading is not possible and an evenly distributed load is required.
This type of picture racking is common when the Pull-out Picture Racking installation is not on a ground or basement floor, where the floor is weak or where the structural integrity of the floor cannot be properly ascertained.
Each Pull-out Picture Racking panel is fitted with a set of floor rollers that are designed to run along tracks laid either on or in the floor; dependent on the final finish required. Guide tracks are also required above the picture racking, as these are not load bearing, they can be fitted directly to the ceiling or to a lightweight frame if a ceiling fix is unsuitable.

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