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This famous ’50 stores in 50 days’ fast growing retailer required a mobile shelving system to accommodate their ever growing range.

The brief:

Pep&Co hit our high street hard this year, looking to take on the bargain clothing retailers. They were featured in the highly successful ITV docusoap series ‘Bargain Shop Wars’ as it explored their rapid rise and famous opening of 50 stores in 50 days! Their expansion was so fast they quickly grew out of their office in Clarendon Road, Watford and found new larger offices in the area for their growing staff members. They needed a storage solution that would assist them in their day to day activities and allow their expansion plans to take shape.


The solution:

Rackline amongst others were invited to view their existing site and audit their existing shelving system. Rackline noted that they had 54 linear metres of hanging and on shelf storage and the brief was to maximise the new area as much as possible. In the new area Rackline provided 85 bays of Profile shelving of which 72 bays were mounted onto Multitrak mobile bases, 12 bays providing 92.40 linear metres for on shelf storage (large plastic boxes containing accessories and samples) and 158.40 linear metres for hanging garment storage (everything from trousers and shirts to underwear and slippers). The system was installed onto a raised access floor so Rackline installed pedestals to support the tracks, this resulted in a flush finish to the floor ensuring no trip hazards in the aisles. The finishing touch was Lime Green End Panels to suite into the company colours.

“The mobile system provided by Rackline has helped us contain all our current storage needs and much more with expansion that we are rapidly filling. By installing a mobile system we created space to accommodate our growing staff members. The installation was completed on time and within our budget allocation.” – Minnal Ladva, Executive Assistant