Office Storage Systems & Shelving

Rackline offer a range of furniture for the office environment, including storage cabinets and cupboards. The product ranges from high quality static systems such as our Profile or Proform systems to electric mobile display systems or powered mobile systems such as PowerTrak. The Monotrak mobile manual system is ideal for an office environment offering high density storage on a mobile system that sits flush to an office floor meaning carpeting and furnishings are not compromised.
The Pirouette is a rotary filing cabinet storage system that offers as much storage as five 4 drawer filing cabinets on an incredible metre square of floor space.
Finally our low level high density systems such as Filestation offer high density storage without limiting the view in an open office. The heavy duty filing cabinets are built to last and offer robust space saving storage. Our full range of office products and mobile storage solutions can be seen below. Please click on an icon for more details.

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