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Moveable shelving is the perfect choice to increase storage capacity and maximise your space.

Moveable shelving units not only help you to maximise your existing space, they allow easy access to your documents. By using this high-density storage method, you can increase the capacity of any workspace – so you can store more in the same space!

Why use moveable shelving?

Moveable shelving is suitable for a wide range of environments.  Whether you’re storing office files, library books, medical files or stock items, choosing a moveable shelving solution will allow you to effectively store important items and keep them safe but not take up all your available space. Perfect when space is at a premium.

Our expert team are here to discuss how best to use our moveable shelving solutions. If you’d like to discuss options for your workspace, please get in touch.

Moveable Shelving from Rackline

Rackline is a leading company for a wide range of storage solutions including moveable shelving, roller racking and mobile storage and shelving in the UK.  We provide effective moveable shelving solutions to workspaces across all types of business sectors including moveable shelving solutions for libraries, museums, schools, retail, healthcare and many other areas. We offer two types of manual moveable shelving systems and two types of powered moveable shelving systems. Please click on the links below to view the moveable shelving solutions available.

The type of moveable shelving solution you need will depend on what you need to store. Rackline’s experienced team will offer you the right solution, with a free no obligation site survey, space plan and quotation.

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Which industries are Moveable Shelving solutions best suited to?

Moveable shelving units are affordable and multi-purpose storage options with a wide range of applications. Movable shelving systems are multifunctional, increase storage space and provide document and object storage.

Due to being so adaptable, moveable shelving can be used in a wide range of industries. The most popular industries we have provided effective moveable shelving solutions to include libraries, museums, schools, retail, healthcare and many other areas. This is because this shelving offers a cost-effective way to increase storage capacity and provide secure document and object storage.

High-density moveable shelving systems help distribution and fulfilment centres to meet demands through increasing their capacity and improving production and workflow, increasing the accessibility to business goods. This allows easy and more efficient transport of inventories

Providing a safe and easy method of storing old and new stock, moveable shelving is also extremely popular in the retail sector. Businesses such as museums and galleries that possess large archives and pieces of art also favour moveable shelving products for improving day-to-day functionality.

Moveable shelving enables many businesses to improve their organisation and productivity through ensuring that items are easily accessible. Your employees will also be able to find the correct files more efficiently. Furthermore, as moveable shelving units are so multi-skilled, it’s simple to accommodate business growth as and when needed.

Find out more about our moveable shelving solutions

Moveable shelving is also known as mobile shelving, rolling storage and mobile racking or roller racking – to find out more please read our ultimate guide to mobile shelving. Or, you can contact us by call 01782 770144 to discuss your needs, and we can design a moveable shelving solution for you.