The most important aspect in a stockroom is the maximising of stock and easy access and Rackline products are designed with this in mind. Rackline have delivered Retail storage systems for over 30 years worldwide and bespoke sizes can be manufactured to achieve the highest capacities. Our Clients include some of the biggest names in retail, such as: Marks & Spencer’s, Fenwick’s, Tesco, Polo Ralph Lauren, K: Swiss, Johnson shoes and many more.



Rackline’s products are designed with client in mind. Profile static shelving is flexible allowing shelves to adjust, interchange drawers, cradles and hanging to quickly change your stock storage. Speedrax garment hanging is a simple solution for flat-pack and hanging garments with the base shelf in standard chipboard for boxed items and beams for hanging rails. Widespan allows storage on longer bays and the option of double sided storage without the need for a backbrace making it a cost effective solution.


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Whether you have a small storeroom or large stockroom, our high-density mobile shelving and static shelving products are suited to any retail environment. Our experience over the past 30 years within the retail sector has helped our Design specialists provide you with a design that is most efficient and effective to help maximise your storage area. If you would like to speak with one of our Retail Specialists, please click to call

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