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As the current academic year is near the end, now is the ideal time to start thinking about your school storage options for the new academic year starting in September. This may be months away, but it’s essential to decide on your requirements as early as possible to allow for any new storage solutions to be implemented during the summer holidays rather than causing disruption when the new term starts.

At any school or educational institution, there are vast quantities of books, documents, important records and archive materials to keep safe, secure and ordered. So given the storage needs of any organisation within the education sector, what are the most viable solutions for school offices, libraries and classrooms? Below we share some of our most widely used shelving and storage solutions:

Static shelving

Static shelves provide an ideal storage solution for a number of uses within a school or other educational facility, particularly when a lot of space is available. They are strong, sturdy and capable of holding considerably loads, from lab and cleaning equipment, to library books and journals.

Profile Static Shelving



Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving systems are extremely space efficient. Whereas four rows of back to back shelving would usually require five aisles to allow access to the stored items, mobile shelving systems require only one aisle at a time as they can be opened and closed, moving along a track fitted to the existing floor.

Monotrak shelving systems (for high density storage) are simple to install. As they are fitted to the existing floor, they can be re-located without causing extensive damage to the floor should they need to be.

Monotrak Mobile Shelving Systems

Steel lockers

Steel lockers provide an ideal solution for personal storage for staff and students at any institute of education. Featuring steel welded and riveted construction, lockers provide excellent security for personal property. Extra care is taken to securing the doors, door frames and locking systems during the manufacturing stage. Steel lockers are powder coated to provide a pleasing aesthetic finish for schools, colleges and universities.

At Rackline, we have considerable experience in tailoring storage and shelving solutions to suit the needs of your school or institute of education. We are also experts in library and journal storage, devising solutions for high density storage and displays.

To talk to us about your school or education sector storage needs, please contact the Rackline sales team by calling 01782 770 144 or complete our online form.