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Quite simply, Prospan long span shelving is designed to extend beyond the sizes of Profile and Proform and yet retain the aesthetic looks that are sometimes lost with traditional long span shelving systems.


The Prospan system can be specified in lengths between 340mm and 1600mm wide and up to 4500mm in height with a capacity spread load per shelf of 125kgs. Normally for these performance parameters Long span shelving is specified resulting in higher cost. Also most Long span installations up to 2000mm long need supporting beams. These reduce the aperture of the shelf thus reducing capacity.

Superbly designed with solid post sections Prospan is a solutions led product manufactured from high quality components including solid post sections. These provide top performance allied to visual appealing end panels. Flexibility of build and maintenance is provided as the shelves are positioned through adjustable clips rather than bolts.

Prospan can be mounted onto mobile shelving to maximize capacity and is ideal in an archive or light industrial solution.

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