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Ahead of the new academic year, many educational establishments will be looking at ways to improve the layouts of their floor space and maximise room for new pupils. Whatever the establishment – nurseries to infants, juniors and secondary schools to universities – all students will need effective personal storage space and all teams will need storage for administrative duties.

We specialise in School and Education Storage solutions, offering a comprehensive range of pupil record storage, secure storage and archive storage for the school’s administration. In addition, our library storage and journal storage provides educational bodies with high quality, high-density storage and display solutions for their individualised needs.

education storage

Here are the key shelving and storage options to cater for a range of purposes for schools, universities and educational bodies:






For any of your storage needs, we can provide custom shelving and storage systems that will optimise your available space. The Rackline School and Educational storage offers a practical, secure and convenient solution, which can help your establishment improve its operational running.

To find out more about our storage options or to discuss your needs with us, please contact the Rackline team on 01782 770 144.