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About the Client

The Brampton Museum is an award winning local attraction that features items covering over 2000 years of borough history. Located in the beautiful Brampton Park in Newcastle Under Lyme, the museum has something for everyone, from changing exhibitions, galleries displaying amazing collections and a lively and ever changing selection of events.

The Brampton museum implements archive storage

The Brampton Museum is located in the beautiful Brampton Park in Newcastle, Staffordshire.

Archive storage at the Brampton museum

The Museum contains thousands of items, reflecting over 2000 years of local history


With an impressive and ever growing collection of art and historic artifacts, and a finite amount of space, the team at the Brampton Museum were looking for ways to  enhance their limited storage space, and ensure each of its varied items were kept in the best shape possible. 

After discussions with other museum contacts the same name kept coming up. Rackline had supported hundreds of museums in the implementation of archive storage and specialised solutions for their unique needs. As a bonus Rackline’s head office was only a few miles away.

The team at The Brampton Museum contacted Rackline and outlined their issues. The Rackline teams visited site, undertook a space audit, examined the items to be stored and with its 40+ years experience, looked at the archive storage options that fitted with these, and the space available.

Solution – Various Archive Storage Solutions:

After discussion with the The Brampton Museum team, it was obvious that they were extremely limited on space. Their various items came in many different shapes and sizes, and they needed a solution that was not just banks of static shelving. 

Rackline suggested a selection of both static and mobile shelving options to maximise the space and build a comprehensive archive storage solution for The Brampton team. Solutions included, Monotrak Mobile Racking, Prospan and Proform Shelving, Widespan Shelving and Toastrack Artwork Storage

Museum Archive Storage

The Brampton
Museum archives

The Brampton Museum Store Room with Archive Storage

Archive one contains
a mixture of items

The Brampton Museum Toast Rack with Archive Storage

Rackline’s Toastrack is perfect for storing artwork

The Brampton Museum mobile Archive Storage

Profile on mobile bases provides, tight, high-density storage

The Brampton Museum Archive Storage for Books

Proform wall units are perfect for book and document storage

The Brampton Museum Archive Storage Shelving

Shelf widths and heights are adjusted to the items being stored

The Brampton Museum prospan Archive Storage

Widespan static shelving, provides a strong solution, while still allowing quick access to items

The Brampton Museum high density Archive Storage

Rackline’s Prospan is flexible. In this case it was adjusted to include an existing timber
plan chest

The Brampton Museum Prospan Racking Archive Storage

When open, the mobile racking provides a wide aisle for access

Museum Archive Storage

Rackline’s Widespan has been adapted to safely hold clocks

High Density Museum Storage

Prospan combined with mobile gives an incredibly strong solution

Mobile, easy to use racking for museums

Rackline’s Mobile Racking is easy to move when required

The Result:

The mobile racking (roller racking), static racking and bespoke solutions installed by Rackline have allowed The Brampton Museum to maximise its space and keep items safe. The archive storage solutions are also designed to allow visibility, and quick retrieval and deposit of items. 

To find out more about Rackline’s collection of Storage for Retail, including Mobile Shelving, Compact High Density Static Shelving and Archive Shelving get in touch.

Equally if you are looking to launch a project that will need consultancy and bespoke manufacturing contact us.