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Whatever industry you operate in, not having enough space for your storage is a problem you could do without. The right wall storage is ideal for your important items as in many cases it makes for easier access, streamlined organisation and better space management. However if you want to maximise the available space for storage without investing in an increasing number of units, there are many smart and secure wall storage solutions which can increase your storage capacity and operational productivity.

Providing the very best in secure office furniture, we offer organisations in both the public and private sector a range of innovative electronic and manual wall storage systems:

The new Smart Wall Storage range

2smart wall storage

The Smart Wall Storage range from Rackline is a high density storage system with a surprisingly large capacity.

The new system is a wall of double sided sealed units that can be pulled out to reveal two sides of open storage. The Smart Wall Storage has a similar capacity to a mobile system however benefits from the simplicity and cleanness of a modern cupboard.

Because the units are securely sealed and double sided, they can sit comfortably in the centre of the workspace just as well as against a wall. Each unit can also be individually locked for enhanced security. The Smart Wall Storage system is ideal for work environments with limited space, as the track is flat to the floor. This ensures no trip hazards and offers a larger walk way than traditional storage.

High Density Mobile storage

high density storage

Our Monotrak and Multitrak mobile storage units are high density systems which offer a variety of environments a smarter way to store items along a wall.

The Monotrak mobile shelving system operates on a single guide track which is fitted directly to your existing floor. This removes the need for potentially expensive floor alterations being needed to embed the units against the wall. The track can also be relocated at any time, giving you an extremely flexible, quick access storage option.

The Multitrak system operates on wheels to accommodate long bases and large loads. This system can operate on an infill floor to prevent trip hazards from exposed rails, ensuring high levels of safety for users.

Both systems can operate electrically or manually and allow organisations greater storage capacity in a smaller space.

Powertrak storage systems

wall storage

Powertrak wall storage is a hi-tech yet simple to use system. With the press of a button, all controls and operations for the storage are handled automatically by the logic controls, ensuring that each carriage remains perfectly aligned on the tracks. This provides an efficient and easy way to access the storage, especially in harder to reach areas.

The Powertrak system can include smart features including timed access control, automatic lighting, PIN access for authorised staff and integration with access control and fire and security systems. The storage system is particularly suited for wall spaces in the office and archive or light industrial environments.

Sidetrak storage systems

wall storage systems

Our Sidetrak storage is a self-contained compact system combining static and mobile storage. The system is designed to give you more storage space along a wall as it features a row of fixed cabinets fronted by units which slide out to access ones behind.

Its slim line design can provide a high volume of storage in areas with limited space. The Sidetrak system would work well along a corridor wall space or where alcoves need to be utilised, optimising tricky spaces.

Secure Pirouette rotary storage systems

rotary wall storage

The Rackline Pirouette is a high density filing system with double sided cabinets mounted on a heavy duty rotary base. Against a wall, its 90 degree turn enables fast retrieval and access to either shelf face without having to move from the spot. The Pirouettes come in a wide range of heights, which makes them suitable to be placed along a wall with changing ceiling heights.

These Pirouette units are also installed with a number of security features to protect access to the items. The steel case has a hinge guard to prevent covert access and it can be fitted with a security combination lock.

To find out more about our range of smart wall storage solutions, please contact the Rackline team on 01782 770 144, or get in touch here.