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At Rackline we understand that the needs of our clients will change over time, so we embrace the call for innovative new storage solution systems and advances in our technology.

So with the New Year hot on the horizon we look at some of the trends set to change the demands on storage as we reveal our storage solutions for 2018:

Multiple purpose storage

Modern offices and workplaces are changing, with ‘open-plan’ systems no longer favoured by businesses and other organisations. So in 2018 there is a call for storage to perform multiple purposes, not only offering high volume storage but also helping to change the structure of work spaces. Next year will see movable storage used increasingly as partitions and acoustic barriers within commercial premises, helping to break-up large work areas.

Easy to relocate

Modern storage systems need to be adaptable, and more importantly, movable. In recent years there is a growing trend for UK business and other organisations to relocate to new working spaces or geographic locations, so it’s vital that storage can be moved safely and without expensive damage. In 2018, high quality storage systems must be durable enough to be transported and re-installed as quickly as possible.


With commercial rental rates expected to rise in 2018, growing businesses will need to make the very most of the space they have at their disposal. In order to satisfy the need for compact and efficient storage, modern installations must offer high volume mobile shelving systems that take up far fewer square-yards and create plenty of extra space for office and industrial properties that really need the extra room.

Robotic walls

If innovation is at the forefront of 2018, the development of moving wall systems is a key step forward. This robotic storage solution enables highly flexible and intelligent working environments with the high-tech movable walls capable of concealing shelving and drawers. Even better, each panel can be moved by using a simple remote control panel, making them ideal for creating adaptable office, presentation and event spaces

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by Rackline, please call our friendly team on 01782 777 666 to discuss how we can work together in 2018.