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Proper storage is an important and essential factor to consider for any company or home. Shelving units are required for keeping documents, files and other pieces of paperwork organised. You will definitely need a shelving unit, if you have a small amount of space but lot of things to store. Most businesses consider mobile racking system in order to keep their office clutter free and organised. Mobile racking is also known as roller racking or mobile shelving.

Mobile racking does not occupy a lot of floor space. It is the ultimate solution to store large amount of items. For instance: generally a library is a relatively small place but needs to store thousands of books, magazines, newspapers etc. Normal shelving needs gaps down each isle in order to let readers to access the books. Thus, a lot of floor space is wasted for accessibility. However, mobile racking can help to overcome this problem. Mobile racking has wheels or rollers. Therefore, these heavy shelves can be moved with ease. This feature is extremely useful during office cleaning and shifting. Mobile racking can be easily moved from one place to another just by one or two people.

Mobile racking is an ideal solution for archiving, filing storage, storing medical files. These units are widely used in offices, libraries, hospitals etc. Mobile racking is a fully modular system that can be extended or moved to hold current units. These shelves can also be designed to suit your colour scheme, furniture or interior.