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In a society that values speed of service and with vendors in the market offering next day delivery, or even same day delivery it’s easy to see why a company may opt to buy racking from one of these online stores.

But the advantages of dealing with a specialist UK based manufacturer such as Rackline are numerous.

The Personal Touch:

Instead of choosing a faceless business that often ships a standardised product, talking to an expert directly can not only help you choose the best options for your needs, we can even send someone to site to look at your building and give you the best combinations of options to maximise your space.

We are with you through the entire journey, helping you shore up your ideas, advising of solutions, helping you to get the options you need, and ensuring the final product works the way you envisioned.


Manufacturing Capabilities - Punch

While shelving from these online vendors often looks like a cost effective option, you need to be wary of products that are over ‘value engineered’. Lower priced items can be made from lower gauge steel, substitute metal for plastics and provide inferior finishes. Poor quality manufacture could lead to poor life, with items corroding in a short time, plastics becoming brittle, and of course in the worst case scenario, shelving failure.

Rackline’s products are proudly made in the UK by a team of experts. We have over 40 years experience in the manufacture of what we believe are the best solutions in the market. We only use the highest grade steel and never value engineer. Our products are in use by some of the biggest brands in the world, who choose us based on the quality of our products and the services we provide.

Customer Support:

With online retailers and online auction sites aftercare support can be difficult, with online chat bots and automated emails. With Rackline you can call us and it will be handled by a human, quickly.

We pride ourselves on our swift response to queries and aftercare. What’s more as the manufacturer, we don’t buy our products in from elsewhere. We know them better than anyone else, and this knowledge allows us to sort out your issues more quickly.

Get what you need, not what’s available:

Mobile Shelving

Coming direct to the manufacturer means you are getting exactly what you need. We can provide a range of standard solutions, or help help you to produce bespoke storage that fits your exact space. We can help you to choose items, advise on solutions you may not be aware of, and even adjust them to your needs if required.

Ok, so you won’t get them the next day, as we manufacture them to order, but you will get exactly what you need to make the most of your space. Additionally, we can powder coat in any colour, to fit your room, or vinyl wrap (see right) to your brand requirements.

Installation, Delivery and Pick up:

With Rackline, you don’t just have the option of a van delivery and a box of parts. Some of our systems, can be delivered like that, for example our Speedrax (which can be easily installed by you) but most need to be transported on pallets.

Welding Facilities - Manufacturing

If you have your own transport, or the items are suitable for your pickup, then you’re welcome to come to our site, see the factory and pick up your items.

We also offer installation if required. Obviously, given large scale projects this may be your only option, talk to our teams.


When buying a quick set of shelves for your garage is all you need, then an online vendor is perfect. But if you are planning on something more serious for your business storage you cannot beat the quality, personal service or aftercare you receive from a dedicated manufacturing partner.

If you are looking for shelving or storage for your business then get in touch with us to talk through your options or call us on: 01782 770 144